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Mobile gaming sensation Lords Mobile is now available on Steam

Lords Mobile has been downloaded well over two hundred million times on Android and iOS. It’s a mobile gaming sensation, and you can now download the game for your PC. It came to Steam in early June.

You need more than a cute app icon and an asking price of zero pence to engage over 250 million active players. How did publisher IGG manage it? Lords Mobile is a particularly tasty gameplay masala.

It’s a free-to-play MMO in which you build an empire. It merges RPG and RTS elements with a breezy casual style. Lords Mobile is a great way to get a quick fix if you don’t have the time to spend hours glued to a traditional world-builder strategy title.

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Lords Mobile: A gameplay feast

You start off with a lone castle, and build up your kingdom and army. Conquer lands to expand your empire, train your heroes, and scout out enemies to fine tune your battle tactics.

Become allies with real-world friends, or ones you met through Lords Mobile’s baked-in chat system, and head to war together.

It’s not all epic battles and kingdoms clashing. Heroes’ quest is the other side of Lords Mobile. You pick five heroes to take to battle in quests. Each fighter has their own style in the classic RPG blueprint. There are tanks, spell slingers, healers and ranged warriors.

Image Credit: IGG

As you progress through the huge campaign, your characters level up, and you’ll meet new ones to train. Each quest earns you treasure, and items your warriors can equip.

RTS, RPG and world-builder: Lords Mobile combines the best elements of them all. And if you play for half an hour, no 10 minutes needs to feel the same as the last. It’s a selection box that keeps you engaged.

There’s very little sense this is a phone game in how it looks either. Lords Mobile’s character-packed 3D visuals will look just as good on 32-inch monitor or 65-inch TV as they do on a 6-inch phone.

Image Credit: IGG

A brief history of Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile has already been available on phones for over three years. But its 2019 arrival on Steam also marks the 13th birthday of its creator, IGG. That’s right, this mobile gaming master has been around longer than iPhones.

Since then IGG has become a global powerhouse. Lords Mobile has spent two years as the top-grossing war strategy game in the world, and is a top 10 earner on both Google Play and the Apple App Store. It is not only notable for its incredible popularity either.

Lords Mobile won the Best Competitive Game gong in the 2016 Google Play Awards, and cemented that reputation in 2017 with an Android Excellence nod.

Try out Lords Mobile on Steam today. It’s free to download and play.

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